Clinical Trial Management by Contract (CRO):
  • Well-designed clinical trials provide the robust data you need to avoid unnecessary developmental delays, reduce your risk of costly later-stage trial failures, and support earlier, better-informed “go/no-go” decisions. Dedicated support for Proof of Concept studies, which are designed to demonstrate early signals of a product’s efficacy in the targeted patient population.  We integrate our expertise in regulatory strategies and clinical devices so you can make better and faster decisions and avoid costly late-stage clinical development failures.
  • Physio-Logic designs, manages, and conducts clinical studies, always keeping in mind that the quality, the limited time, and the limited resources are critical.
  • We focus on developing effective partnerships while designing tailor made strategies for your specific needs. By partnering with Physio-Logic, you can ensure that your clinical trial gets the attention it deserves.
  • We can manage your clinical development program, or alternatively, integrate with your staff as an extension of your company when necessary.
  • Our turnkey approach includes:
- First-in-men
- Pivotal studies, multi-center, multi-national studies
- Usability & Human factor Studies