Physio-Logic offers fully integrated (one-stop-shop) services to medical device and bio-pharma companies and specializes in complex development programs that require highly innovative regulatory and clinical strategies. We are the experts in implementing and conducting successful regulatory activities, clinical trials and quality assurance programs. Physio-Logic is an international company staffed by full time senior-level professionals who provide unparalleled experience and expertise honed by years in the industry. We know how to get each job done with great efficiency and unflagging tenacity. We investigate all options and bring each project to fruition in a timely and budget-conscious manner. Physio-Logic offers a fully comprehensive network of experts, all within a single organization. Hailing from multiple, yet complementary disciplines, our team, working in tandem with yours, is able to evaluate each project from many diverse points of view, creating collaborative and inspired outcomes.


Whatever your requirements may be, pre-clinical and clinical trials, regulatory (CE, ISO, FDA etc.) or quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), Physio-Logic will always be on-hand where and when you need us. If you decide on our in-house option, our team will come directly to you, quickly assimilate and become an integral part of your company for the duration of the project. We’ll be available to serve you at your convenience – always. If outsourcing is a better fit for your company, Physio-Logic will be available to deliver proven, integrated solutions across every phase of the product lifecycle. Physio-Logic removes the risk from the equation by being predictable: we’re readily accessible to address a client’s every need. In addition, we supervise every element and detail of a project including the procurement and management of any vendors required, while the client works only with us. This arrangement assures quality control and consistency throughout the span of the project. Physio-Logic saves time and money during all stages of a project. We are a singular one-stop-shop for all regulatory, quality and clinical affairs.