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Who We Are

The Industry’s Well-Oiled
Medical-Device Approval Machine

Physio-Logic’s regulatory waze assures your shortest path to market. After we map out your ideal regulatory strategy, our execution task force executes it flawlessly, on time and on budget.

Our regulatory waze and execution muscles are powered by our secret sauce and multidisciplinary team: masters in medical-device clinical, regulatory and quality assurance. This synergistic DNA renders us the most powerful and robust device-approval machine in the biotech industry.

Our Formula

Turning Regulations From Necessary Burden to Competitive Edge

We pave the way in innovative, aggressive regulatory strategies that work. Physio-Logic CEO Gadi Ginot’s intelligent regulatory-winning formula has earned approvals consistently for 30 years. Our execution muscles capitalize on Physio-Logic’s core capabilities:

Professionalism. We do it right the first time.
Size. Our industry’s largest taskforce supports your workflow without holdup. 
Integration. We blend seamlessly into our customer operations.

our secret sauce

About Gadi Ginot

Gadi Ginot, CEO & Founder of Physio-Logic, has over 30 years’ industry experience navigating medical device regulations, quality assurance and clinical development worldwide. His expertise, acquired from overseas immersions in foreign health markets, gives him 360-degree virtuosity of the regulatory process. His exceptional multidisciplinary skill set and experience drives Physio-Logic’s DNA.

Gadi’s approach to regulation is pragmatic, having spent his entire career working for medical device manufacturers. As the regulatory mastermind behind startup-nation success stories, he is an established expert on the regulatory roadmap. In addition to his work at Physio-Logic, he is an internationally-renowned and sought-after lecturer for industry symposiums and academic institutions. He chairs the MDR&D Summit and heads Tel-Aviv University’s medical device regulation program.